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Creative Culture with Steve Ramsey

Oct 28, 2022

Anne-Marie Faiola has created a soapmaking empire with Bramble Berry, a company she founded in 1999 in a 400 square foot space. Today she is CEO, the company has more than 100 employees


With over 60,000 customers, Bramble Berry is THE place to shop online for supplies and kits as well as being a vast educational resource for people getting into the craft of soapmaking or starting their own businesses. 


And one of those resources is the Bramble Berry YouTube channel where Anne-Marie posted her first video in 2009 and continues to teach viewers how to make soap, candles, skin care products and more. 


Anne-Marie is the author of several soap making books and has been awarded Small Business Person of the Year from the Washington State Small Business Association, Business Woman of the Year by the Washington State Women’s Business Owners Association, and a Best Boss in America by Fortune Small Business. This is such a success story and inspiration for anyone just starting out with a small space and a dream to start a business.


Today, talented soapers from all over the world are making absolutely stunning works of art out of lye and oil, largely inspired by Anne-Marie and Bramble Berry. 


Bramble Berry on YouTube: 

Bramble Berrry website: