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Creative Culture with Steve Ramsey

Sep 24, 2021

Long before YouTube, back before most people even had an email address, Roy Underhill set the stage for what a woodworking show might look like.

Roy has been the host of The Woodwright's Shop for 39 seasons, beginning in 1979, making it the longest running how-to series on PBS. 

In this episode we discussed his show,...

Sep 17, 2021

On this episode, I talked to Matt Outlaw of 731 Woodworks, who recently quit his job as a state trooper to become a YouTuber. We also discussed the business of woodworking and how to sell the projects you make.

Visit 731 Woodworks on YouTube:

Sep 10, 2021

On October 18 2006, Marc Spagnuolo made YouTube history when he posted his first video on a channel he called The Wood Whisperer. His woodworking is some of the best in the business, showcasing beautifully crafted furniture, using a combination of traditional power tools along with planes, chisels and other hand tools...

Sep 3, 2021

Modern Builds has become a leading channel showcasing practical, highly approachable DIY projects made mostly with a modest set of power tools and construction grade lumber. He uses a variety of techniques and materials including woodworking metalworking and concrete working. 

Some of Mike’s most popular videos are...