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Creative Culture with Steve Ramsey

Nov 11, 2022


Bonsai is an artform unlike any other in the amount of time, dedication and patience it takes to see results. It’s a form of sculpture that can take years to see how your efforts will take shape. Bonsai trees can be centuries old and require very special care to keep them beautiful and healthy.


And that’s where Darren George comes in. Darren describes himself as a bonsai practitioner. On his YouTube channel, Gro Bonsai, you'll learn what it takes to grow and maintain bonsai trees, and see the meticulous care and attention needed to restore neglected trees. 


The irony of bonsai, as Darren puts it, is that “we go to great lengths to make it look like the tree was never touched by human hands.” And maybe that’s why watching the craft of bonsai is so fascinating…watching this blending of nature, human ingenuity, and art. 


Watch Darren at Gro Bonsai on YouTube: 

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