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Creative Culture with Steve Ramsey

Sep 2, 2022

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What exactly was Andy Warhol trying to say with his Marilyn Monroe series? Why are people emotionally moved, sometimes to tears, by viewing a large, geometric shape of color painted by Mark Rothko? Why does Nighthawks by Edward Hopper feel so cold and lonely? What makes Michaelangelo’s David different from other depictions of David? Who was the Mona Lisa and why was painting her so radical? What makes the paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat so relevant today? 


James Payne is an art curator, art lover, art historian, and former gallery owner who brings perspective to famous works of art by helping us to understand not just  what they mean, but about the lives of the artists who created them. Art seems to be inseparable from the artist. 


In each video on his YouTube channel, GREAT ART EXPLAINED, James explores the history of a particular work of art, the artist who created it, the techniques used, its relevance and symbolism, and the social and political climate that led to its creation.  He helps us get beyond art cliches such as “My kid could’ve painted that”. James’s videos are intelligent, thought provoking, inspiring, all the while remaining totally accessible and grounded to even the most casual art enthusiast or curious beginner. 


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