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Creative Culture with Steve Ramsey

Sep 15, 2023

Does the U.S. have a unique architectural style besides the hideous McMansion? Why does the constructed suburban landscape have the same blandness no matter where you travel? Well, it's all about the stories they (don't) tell. 


The art of architecture:

  • Architectural fails
  • The haunting feeling caused by liminal spaces
  • The challenges of converting office spaces into residential units
  • The popularity of mid-century modern architecture


Don't Miss:

  • 10:50 The few unique city skylines in the U.S.
  • 20:15 With such a large cultural shift to working from home, what to do with the vast amounts of empty office spaces? 
  • 26:45 Have you seen Jury Duty??? OMG it's amazing!
  • 46:40 Why are liminal spaces so compelling?
  • 57:15 Why should you care about architecture and how can you start to pay attention to it?


In this episode, Stewart Hicks discusses how architecture in the urban environment, even city skylines themselves are unique because they tell stories. Stewart Hicks is an Associate Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is the co-founder of the practice Design With Company. Stewart's YouTube channel explores (mostly urban) architectural topics and his videos are highly polished, well researched, and fun.


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