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Creative Culture with Steve Ramsey

Aug 18, 2023

I had an absolute blast chatting with Ali Spagnola, a true creative maverick. She spills the beans on how she keeps those creative juices flowing—hint: it involves actively hunting for ideas rather than waiting for a strike of inspiration. Ali lets us in on her selection process, diving into how she picks and chooses projects that not only resonate with her but also defy artistic norms.


Ali dishes on some of her mind-blowing projects, including the Chia Pet car and a freakin' driveable fidget toy! She walks us through the thrilling journey of turning a simple idea into a tangible masterpiece.


What really hit home for me was Ali's take on balancing intentional creativity with spontaneous artistic exploration. We explore embracing experimentation, learning from flops, and staying true to your unique vision. 


So, if you're an aspiring creative looking for a hefty dose of inspiration and a fresh perspective on pushing boundaries, you gotta check out this episode. Ali Spagnola and I dive headfirst into what it means to fearlessly march to the beat of your artistic drum.


Ali on YouTube:

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