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Creative Culture with Steve Ramsey

Mar 3, 2023

Morgan Eckroth is the reigning US Barista Champion who finished second in the 2022 World Barista Championship. Morgandrinkscoffee is a blend of real world experience, practical advice, art, education, business, and pure entertainment: all revolving around coffee.


In a sea of angry videos, cynical videos, confrontational videos, endless clickbait and short-attention span noise, Morgan's short form videos are a breath of fresh air. These videos are brief vignettes recreating simple, quiet, slice of life moments in a real coffee shop. Morgan sets up the camera and performs the roles of both barista and customer. They're anecdotal scenes that all seem to be created from a place of honesty and observation. She’s completely turned the script on what the internet has taught us to expect in a video. It's so weird how kindness is now radical. 


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