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Creative Culture with Steve Ramsey

Mar 25, 2022

There is no hotter debate in the woodworking community at the moment than the use of epoxy resin in woodworking, commonly seen in river tables. Is epoxy the freshest and coolest new material to work with since the invention of plywood, or is it an ugly, hideous abomination that has the staying power of a fidget spinner?


To talk about this, I invited the two most prominent makers at the forefront of this topic to join me on the show. They also happen to have the two hottest maker channels on YouTube at the moment. 


In the Pro-river table corner is Cam Anderson of Blacktail Studio ,  who has the largest, fastest growing maker channel on YouTube with a focus on creating large tables by combining epoxy resin with huge slabs of unusual wood. Most of his viewers find each of his pieces to be beautiful, bold and unique. 


In the anti-river table corner is Jason Hibbs,  the man and the beard behind Bourbon Moth Woodworking, a YouTube channel with funny and quirky videos showcasing his finely crafted woodworking projects…made out of wood… and making it clear that we should JUST SAY NO to river tables.